Randé Dorn Therapy, LA (MA, MFA, LMFT 111746) approaches personal therapy as a movement towards audacious ideas and authentic intimacy. Grounded in traditional and alternative methods that acknowledge the diversity in thought, experience, and identity in each of us, therapy is recognized as a revolutionary act against the status quo. You are not crazy. You are someone who knows things are not how they should be.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” - Rumi


I invite you to call (818) 599-2522

Offices in Valley Village

Conditions of Therapy -

  • Meeting clients right where they are
  • Creating a safe dynamic environment, alive with ideas and conversation
  • Co-created solutions - everyone is heard, everyone has a say
  • Fearless exploration, unwavering support
  • Freedom of methodology - Directed improvisation, just like life
  • Out of the box sessions -
    • Using theoretical and creative foundations as transcendent tools to connect intimately with one's physical/mental core expression
    • Meetings held at alternate locations (when appropriate) in pursuit of therapeutic breakthroughs and insight
  • Humor / Laughter
  • Hope
  • Soul



  • Creatives and Art Makers
  • Humans of Color
  • Humans in the process of becoming



  • Premarital Couples
  • Multicultural Couples
  • Couples in the process of divorce/separation



  • New parents
  • Multicultural families
  • Blended families / Co-parents

What You Bring To Session


  • History, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Identity, Sexuality
  • Beliefs, Assumptions, Personal Truths, Societal Rules, Internal Messages
  • Community, Neighborhood, Education, Politics, Economics, Work

+ Family

  • Mother, Father, Siblings, Lovers, Spouses, Children
  • Extended family, Best friends, Mentors, Champions, Home

+ Creativity

  • Passion, Love, Discovery, Skill, Talent, Process, Truth
  • Self, Audience, Creativity, Fear, Ambition, Money, Focus, Freedom

= Human

Randé Dorn is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Graduate School in Clinical Psychology and is registered with the BBS as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 111746.

Randé Dorn Therapy LA

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